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Meet the only school of heavy equipment operators in the region


Peru has a deficit of 4,000 heavy equipment operators , since most such workers learned their craft empirically says Ramiro Bournocle , Technical Development Manager and Personal Training Ferreyros . According Bournocle , operators not professional , but know how to use the equipment , " do not take into account safety standards and basic maintenance , and do not take the team to achieve optimum productivity."
Against this backdrop , Ferreyros , Caterpillar Tecsup and installed in 2009 a school for operators of heavy machinery in Mala, which is unique in Latin America . From this center have graduated over 900 students. At school , students learn the proper use of five teams : front loader , hydraulic excavator , tractor dozer , grader and mining truck off road.
The course for each machine is 80 hours , within which students take lectures , practice management in virtual simulators and finally get on the actual equipment. Bournocle emphasizes that teaching operating heavy machinery simulator helps reduce costs and sharpen the skills because the software used take account of the successes and mistakes , and what can be corrected in real time, without damaging the equipment or spend fuel.
The school operators is open to people from all over Peru , particularly youth in areas where there are mining or construction projects. In addition , Ferreyros seeks to encourage companies that are committed to train local talent. Another interesting point is the participation of women. " For our school have gone about 23 and proved to be more careful with the equipment and better follow the rules. They are very productive and have higher average grades than men . "