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INTERSUPPLY CORP. is a North American company, providing "Competitively Priced", "High Quality" earthmoving equipment as well as replacement and OEM parts for construction and earthmoving machinery. At INTERSUPPLY CORP. we supply used heavy machinery manufactured by Caterpillar®, Case®, Komatsu®, Deere®, Hitachi®, and product coverage for a wide range of popular replacement parts for use on equipment along with products for other fine equipment manufacturers. Our suppliers, including many original equipment manufacturers, are chosen from among the best in the replacement and OEM parts industry.
INTERSUPPLY CORP. was established in 2004, with the sole purpose of being the supplier of all parts and heavy equipment (from various manufacturers) to a diverse list of clients. Since its inception this company has been able to rely on a team that posses a total of 15 years of combined experience on the heavy equipment industry; ranging from sales to technical service. 
Our values are centered on the belief that customer service, quality, quickness and price are the four pillars of this industry. We are not bound by office hours, as we understand and adapt to the challenges of selling goods abroad to countries in different time zones; therefore our lines are always open (24/7) to any questions, comments or requests. 
In summation, INTERSUPPLY CORP., is a company that tailors its service to a list of clients that we would like you to be a part of.